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Only peace, no war

Regional conflicts in Ukraine, flights at Gaza, civial war in Syria, attacks in Iraq…I am swamped by all these sad news recently. I know this would be simply too naive an idea, but what about just send a baby panda … Continue reading

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Flying Business with a Panda

The carrier for my flight from Chengdu to Shanghai Pudong International Airport is Air China. Although Pudong is the hub of China Eastern, I stick to my principle to avoid this airline as much as possible, despite it is a … Continue reading

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Near the WenShu Temple

We visited Wenshu Temple of Chengdu. I really liked the area. It reminds me all these old styled buildings and lifestyles: I miss them! Sitting in the bamboo chairs, we had our afternoon tea at this place called “盐茶道” (Literally, … Continue reading

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First suspected swine flu case in mainland China

By no means I want to write another blog about the swine flu outbreak, and it is rare for me to use the same Maodou the piggy again, but honestly, I am a bit freaking out. According to Reuters on this … Continue reading

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A trip to Sichuan in July

I finished booking these tickets. It took an entire afternoon. Going through as many as possible these discount travel agents for lowest fares, especially this time it is a trip for two. The airfare deal is pretty nice, but we … Continue reading

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