What I got for my birthday

Loves from a happy mom, a happy papa, plus super supportive Stinky Monkey. Lunch at Little Sheep Hot Pot, which is a two minutes walk away from our place, with dishes that are so common in China but so rare in the States.

Hot Pot Lunch at Little Sheep

Delicious birthday cake cups. What’s in: individual cake cups with a large selection of flavors and designs. What’s out: the big and round decorated cake. All freshly made today.

Birthday cakes

Birthday cakes

In the evening a super fresh sushi plate sampled at the Red Moon of the Grand Hyatt Beijing. The chef is creative.

Sushi at Red Moon

A pleasant cocktail to enjoy at this quiet and cozy bar,.

Red Moon at Grant Hyatt BeijingRed Moon at Grand Hyatt Beijing

Red Moon at Grand Hyatt Beijing

A smooth jazz band singing the Happy Birthday song at the Red Moon is especially enchanting.
Band performance at Red Moon

Band Performance at Red Moon

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