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globaldream妹妹在未名空间时尚版发的比较有用的总结帖。现在转载于下(内容稍做修版): 网上买比较划算。推荐Bluenile, James Allen, White Flash。0.5 Ct E~F VS1~VS2 3EX(Cut,Polish,Symm)No Fluorescence 最近价格大概$1500(F-VS2 ~$2xxx(E-VS1)吧!(from Bluenile and James Allen) 我刚在华人写了片网购钻石心得,贴部分内容给你参考看看: 《美国网上钻石卖家比较》 不求品牌,追求性价比,对网购钻石又不排斥的,建议可以上网挑。有打算上网买钻戒的同学可以关注以下各家的价钱,多多比较: Bluenile( In House代表裸钻:Bluenile Signature 最大的online retailer,裸石选择最多,但规模变大股票上市后营运成本提高,现在BN家的价格不一定是最好的了。除了他家的BN Signature Diamond,其他的存货都是来自世界各地的合作商,BN家自己无法取得做鉴定,所以他们无法提供钻石照片和idealscope,提供给你的意见或资讯也是来那些diamond owner的。此外BN家没有Buy back和trade up program。 James Allen ( In House代表裸钻:True Hearts (八心八箭) 也是家很大的online … Continue reading

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I’m not the Only One

The DC9-50 has landed at the gate. I was waiting for the cabin door to open, patiently and quietly, along with the two Delta’s flight attendants who have been quite helpful and cheerful during this trip. Then I spotted the utility carts stored … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last year’s Valentine’s Day is the same as the Chinese Lunar Year. One day, two celebrations. But from what I’ve heard, vendors in China complained at the time about the short period to market two different holidays. I was home … Continue reading

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Verizon iPhone versus AT&T iPhone

With the fast approaching of Verizon‘s iPhone 4, and the war of words between the number one and number two wireless carriers in this country, aided by mushrooming reports of comparison between the two carriers and two devices (Verizon’s iPhone … Continue reading

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The Year of the Rabbit Stamps

In my previous post I mentioned that this year of “bunnies”, or more generally, the Chinese zodiac signs, is a big event in China. As usual, China Post issued its Year of the Rabbit Stamp. As usual, this year, the … Continue reading

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

Today is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit. Happy Chinese New Year! As usual, the Chinese are putting the rabbits to all sorts of their products. For example, the Bank of China has been issuing … Continue reading

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Google’s Doodle for Chinese New Year

Google publishes its doodle for the Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Rabbit. The rabit is designed in a Chinese traditional paper-cut style, and decorated with Chinese traditional color of happiness: Red. I checked the achives of Google’s doodles … Continue reading

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