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Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park

What is the best place in Beijing to taste regional food? A real food connoisseur would know to locate them at the cafeterias of the representative offices of these provinces. For example, the most authentic Sichuan restaurant is the cafeteria … Continue reading

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Lotus festival in Beihai Park

It is the late summer. The weather in Beijing is still hot, but less humid. We did a morning hike in the Beihai Park. The ancient imperial garden is hosting its annual lotus festival. Almost the entire lake is covered with … Continue reading

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Strolling inside the Circular City

During our trip to the Beihai Park, we stopped by the nearby Circular City. Because of the last year’s Beijing Summer Olympics, the entire ancient circular city has been renovated. Just another reason that I am supporting for the Games … Continue reading

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How does China choose its astronaut

The Global Times published an article on August 3rd, revealing some details about the process of becoming an astronaut for China’s space program. The news report is funny to read, especially when it discusses the “human touch” of this process. … Continue reading

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Late night arrival

Northwest has changed its schedule and delayed the arrival time of its Tokyo to Beijing flight by one hour–Courtsy of the recent swine flu fear. By the time that Stinky Monkey’s plane landed, the arrival hall looked really empty. I felt rather … Continue reading

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