Happy Chinese New Year!

The year of Sheep, or goat, or ram, whatever that New York Times is so confused, because all three mean the same in Chinese.

Google has a very cute GIF for today.

2015 Chinese New Year Google Doodel

And my favorite sheep of all time: Shaun, added a new cover on Facebook.

Shaun the sheep: Happy New Year

I got to find out where they display these two cute sheep sculptures in Shanghai now.


The angry bird cannot be angry today.


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Another new twist from Ron Artest

It is probably not something new when Ron Artest, who changed his name to Metta World Peace, decided to play in the China Basketball Association league in 2014.

Because his CBA team is from Sichuan, home of the giant pandas, he announced a new name change: “Panda’s Friend”.

Despite the fact that he made a name change, his jersey still shows “Metta World Peace”. However, that does not prevent him from coming up something brand new.

Metta World Peace and his shoes

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When something good comes out of something bad

Okay this just came in.

AP reported that one good thing from the stinky incident associated with Korean Air Line’s executive’s tantrum is Hawaii’s macadamia nuts:

Macadamia Nutst1larg.korean.air

A Korean Air Lines executive’s tantrum over bagged nuts in a first-class cabin is drawing attention to give Hawaii’s macadamia nut industry a boost.

Ch Hyun-ah, the airline’s vice president of cabin service and daughter of the company’s chairman, ordered a flight attendant off a December 5 flight from New York City after she was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate.

The incident dubbed “nut rage” imploded her career, embarrassed her family and led to an unexpected boom in sales of macadamia in South Korea.

Some producers told the Honolulu Star Advertiser that’s also helping Hawaii’s US$38 million macadamia nut industry, which accounts for more than 700 farms and eight processing plants.

“Any type of publicity is good for the industry,” Hawaii Macadamia Nut Association President John Cross said. “Macadamia nuts are not well know outside of Hawaii and the West Coast. If they were as well-known in the Central and Eastern US, there wouldn’t be enough nuts to supply demand.”

Almost all of Hawaii’s macadamia nuts come from its Big Island. They are also grown in Australia, Central America and South Africa.

“If anything should be served on a silver tray, it should be macadamia nuts,” Richard Schnitzler, president of Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co, said with a laugh, referring to the inflight outburst.”It’s a high-quality nut. It’s understandable how that can happen.”

He said it would be difficult to track a recent surge in sales because sales always increase during the holiday season.

Macadamias are now a household name in South Korea, and sales are booming.

Which I agree. Macadamia nuts are on my list everytime I am returning from Hawaii. For that, I do not blame Cho Hyun-ah.

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What I got for my birthday

Loves from a happy mom, a happy papa, plus super supportive Stinky Monkey. Lunch at Little Sheep Hot Pot, which is a two minutes walk away from our place, with dishes that are so common in China but so rare in the States.

Hot Pot Lunch at Little Sheep

Delicious birthday cake cups. What’s in: individual cake cups with a large selection of flavors and designs. What’s out: the big and round decorated cake. All freshly made today.

Birthday cakes

Birthday cakes

In the evening a super fresh sushi plate sampled at the Red Moon of the Grand Hyatt Beijing. The chef is creative.

Sushi at Red Moon

A pleasant cocktail to enjoy at this quiet and cozy bar,.

Red Moon at Grant Hyatt BeijingRed Moon at Grand Hyatt Beijing

Red Moon at Grand Hyatt Beijing

A smooth jazz band singing the Happy Birthday song at the Red Moon is especially enchanting.
Band performance at Red Moon

Band Performance at Red Moon

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Only peace, no war

Regional conflicts in Ukraine, flights at Gaza, civial war in Syria, attacks in Iraq…I am swamped by all these sad news recently. I know this would be simply too naive an idea, but what about just send a baby panda whenever these conflicts are: so that people stop trying to kill each other, but enjoy something that is beautiful and peaceful?

All I want is bamboo

Enjoy my bamboo sticks

Enjoy my bamboo treats

Enjoy my bamboo sticks

Enjoy my bamboo sticks

Enjoy my bamboo sticks

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Google doodle for the World Cup: Germany won the Cup

Jul14 World Cup fina Germany

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Google doodle for the World Cup: Brazil versus Netherlands

Salute to the Dutch team. A concluding fine performance of the 2014 World Cup.

world-cup-brazil versus netherlands

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